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Empower your inner healer
change your world.

See the world through a new lens with ourat-home ketamine treatment for anxiety and depression.

Your personalized treatment program gives you the power to break through your anxiety and depression, enabling sustainable life change and a return to a life of productivity and joy.

Empower your inner healer, expand your potential.

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Revolutionizing mental health

Ketamine is:

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    Can relieve symptoms in a matter of hours, often after just a single treatment.
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    Well-established safety profile with no persistent physical or psychological side effects associated with responsible, clinical use.
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    Significantly reduces symptoms of depression and anxiety with remarkable positive response rates, notably in patients who don’t respond to other treatments.
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    Used in hospitals worldwide since 1970, FDA approved, and legal for off-label clinical use.

How ketamine works

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    Shifts brain wave activity and puts you in a deep meditative state.
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    Reverses neuronal damage associated with stress, anxiety, and depression.
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    Prompts the formation of new connections between neurons, making it easier to adopt positive cognitive and emotional patterns.
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    Improves global brain connectivity in key areas involved in mood and emotional regulation.

Wondermed program includes

Consultation With a Wondermed Clinician

Work with a licensed provider to craft a personalized treatment program best suited to your individual needs.

Personal Online Dashboard

Access Wondermed's preparation and integration protocols, including our daily 15-minute integration program, 28 Days of Wonder.

Custom, Month-by-Month Program

Clinical consultation ensures treatment dosage, frequency, and provided resources remain aligned with the patient’s mental health goals.

Musicologist-Produced Soundscapes

Access our library of soundscapes produced with healing frequencies to guide your treatment sessions.

4+ Self-Led Ketamine Treatment Sessions

Every patient is different, which is why our clinicians tailor prescription dosage and frequency to best serve each unique individual.

Optional Check-In Call and Direct Support

Our team of Wondermates are conveniently available to offer additional support and answer questions between clinician visits.

Wondermed Treatment Kit

Complete with a journal, an eye mask, a blood pressure monitor, your clinician-prescribed ketamine lozenges, and natural supplements.

Ally Protocols

Wondermed provides detailed resources to empower the healing team of your choice to create a safe and optimal experience for your healing.

Wondermed’s holistic approach combines psychedelic medicine with a series of complementary resources for maximum beneficial impact.


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The Wondermed Program

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Meet your clinician

Speak with a Wondermed clinician to personalize your treatment plan.

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Heal from home

Everything you’ll need discreetly shipped, straight to your door.

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Change your life

Digital integration tools that empower you to transform your thoughts and manifest lasting change.

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The positive changes I see in my life as a result of my experience with Wondermed treatment are pronounced and profound. This program has empowered me to be the best version of myself mentally, in my sport, in my work, and in my relationships.

Travis B.

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Wondermed has given me a new view on life. I’ve seen an immense decrease in my anxiety, and have gained new insights that have helped me navigate my thoughts in a way that is more productive and healthy.

Amy A.

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Wondermed has helped me connect with my purpose and heart; the insights gained from my sessions have led to beautiful synchronicities and have minimized my depression and social anxiety.

Leslie S.

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Wondermed has helped me open my mind to all the positive possibilities in life.

Charles B.

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Expand your potential

Our protocol has been shown to alleviate symptoms of anxiety and depression after one month of treatment.
Silence the noise and find yourself again with Wondermed’s at-home psychedelic treatment.
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Meet the team

Dr. Abe Malkin, MD
Medical Director
Dr. Abe Malkin, MD
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Lauren Swanson, PA-C
Lead Clinician
Lauren Swanson, PA-C
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Alexandra Keller
Director of Patient Experience
Alexandra Keller
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